Accessing the North American Market for Solid Fuel-burning Appliances

As an expert source for testing & certification of fuel-burning equipment and related components, CSA Group has expanded its expertise into solid fuel-burning appliances including household cooking, BBQs, fireplace stoves, boilers, central furnaces, and space heaters in China’s local market.

On October 22, CSA Group will host a seminar in Guangzhou, where our technical experts will shed light on the latest in solid fuel-burning appliances, including relevant North American requirements and codes to help ensure your products are accepted by the U.S. and Canadian markets.

By attending this seminar you will gain insights in the following areas:
  • General overview of fuel-burning appliances, which include gas, solid-fuel, oil and others

  • Solid-fuel appliances in North Americaons

  • North American requirements

  • Controls and components for solid fuel-burning appliances

  • Common issues and failures


Copyright © 2018 - CSA Group. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2018 - CSA Group. All Rights Reserved.